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Buffalohair, Global Oligarchy is Here To Stay,….for a while

Global Oligarchy is Here To Stay,….for a while

“Oligarchy: is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with an elite class distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, commercial, and/or military legitimacy”

Hmm, sounds all to familiar but the reality is, Oligarchy is the wave of the future though it’s marketed as “Globalization or the New World Order” There is no need to point fingers since both sides of the political isle in the US and the so called free world are saturated with investor/politicians who’ve floated corporate interests before the needs of the people they are supposed to serve. Insider trading and stock manipulation are their tools of the trade. But that’s OK since it’s all about the money these days.

For that matter Russia and China don’t have communist leaders anymore. Putin and Medvedev both touted the cause for a new world order many times during their reign and steered Russia towards that fascist goal. Russia’s bogus election only picked a scab on a sore that will not heal and it was the last straw that enraged the people of Russia. Now the cat is out of the bag and Putin will resort to violence to retain his rule, but the people stand more defiant than ever before. Chinese thugs who’ve infiltrated the Chinese Communist Party have turned China into the world’s sweatshop to the joy of corporate fascists around the world. Mao would be turning over in his grave if he witnessed what China has become. After all, China is now ruled by the Landlord Class Fascists with the blessings of the World Trade Organization. Does not say much for the WTO since their membership reads like a ‘whose who’ in worldwide tyranny, slave labor and human trafficking.

If you remove all the borders, cultures and creeds you have two basic groups, the ruling or elite class and the subservient or working class. The protests or “Dawns” around the world are not secular by any stretch of the word because citizens are simply pissed off at lying politicians who front for corporations at the expense of the people. When you do the math or follow the money it becomes a fetid journey into the dark side of corporate corruption on a grand scale. Presidents, Kings and dictators from around the world are being fed cash under the table to allow corporations to rape their countries and kill their citizens. Africa, Central and South America are a testament to the wholesale slaughter of natives by private armies to clear the way for mines and plantations. *Chiquita Banana was convicted for funding right-wing terrorist organizations (FARC & AUC) who murdered Colombian villagers for plantation land. **Pig iron produced in Brazil for US Industries utilizes slave labor. Small wonder money is cursed for ‘profits from slavery’ is blood money.

Asia’s track record is of equal pall and human trafficking abounds to the joy of slave hungry corporations. China has a most lucrative Gulag System and the use of slaves is an accepted part of commerce. Western corporations have pounced on the opportunity to have cheap labor and divested in nations that adhere to laws that govern human rights and employer/employee relations. Environment? Forget about it. Trafficking labor and sex slaves is beyond epidemic proportions in Asia and corporatists have capitalized on the abundance of slaves. China is not a stable nation and is struggling with internal revolts from all quarters within its borders as of this writing. It’s only a matter of time before China’s dragon reawakens and consumes the evil that has victimized this once proud nation. And it would be poetic justice for corporate thugs who’ve abandoned America to be stuck in China when the revolution breaks out since they were in cahoots with the fetid Regime. The Chinese public knows who they are and where they live to. My bad……

Africa is a classic example of absolute corruption since corporations from around the world have landed with a vengeance. Tin horn dictators have a green light to censor torture and murder their own citizens if they pose a threat to the corporate cash flow that lines their pockets. Africa is a dark continent but not for the color of skin but for the evil that prevails in this resource rich continent. Why is it OK to subjugate the populations of Africa for corporations? The people of Africa, regardless of nation, should be wealthy or at the very least comfortable considering the trillions and trillions of dollars that was made or stolen by a hand full of people. It’s a corporate free for all as the world strips Africa of all her natural resources while giving her citizens nothing in return. We baulk at giving aid to Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Somalia and other beleaguered African nations while basking in her stolen wealth and we wonder why we are poised to suffer economically in the very near future. What comes around goes around homeboy/girl.

What did we learn about the Arab uprisings? Though the media wants you to think it’s all about Islam and the boogieman Muslims, it’s not. It’s all about corruption committed by their politicians and corporations who hoarded the nation’s wealth. We should have also caught the part where all these fallen Arab dictators were on the take from corporations throughout their bloody reigns. Funny how corporations had free reign in these nations while the citizens were suppressed censored and murdered. Small wonder the mid-east is in flames. But leave it to the media to plant a communist or jihadist label on these events to throw the blame elsewhere. Keeping people at odds with one another is the mainstay of the corporate owned media and a good job they did to. Divide and conquer, for the corporate bottom line.

In contrast India is in the midst of an anti-corruption campaign lead by Anna Hazare who founded the Indian Anti-Corruption Movement. The movement has grown exponentially and has become a powerhouse in the cause of anti-corruption within India. Obviously he is not a darling of the corporate world and the media in the west has managed to keep him out of the limelight. It’s a case for ‘out of sight, out of mind and easy to kill’, quietly. In India he is the rave with massive public support and his movement has identified corruption on a scale never before challenged in India. Granted Anna faces some very powerful international corporations, powerful political figures and it should be clear he is the target of assassination, the price paid for championing truth in an era of lies.

It’s a ‘war without borders’ as global oligarchists wage war on the citizens of the world, plain and simple. Greed and control are the axioms of today’s industrialists and we are the pawns in the most elaborate world takeover ever pulled off. When we watch protesters in London or Greece as they protest government/banker criminality we should realize these protesters are in the trenches fighting for democracy. The reason the Occupy movement seems so skewed is because there are many Americans from all quarters who are disillusioned by the absolute corruption that has become business as usual. Everyone has been betrayed in one form or another and people are starting to connect the dots, but the damage is already done.

Not everyone in the Occupy movement is a communist, fascist or fringe but average citizen’s who had enough with lies, corruption and bankers above the law. There are people from all walks of life who lost it all, job, home and family that are protesting. Veterans who’ve fought and spilled their blood who are disillusioned by the corruption are protesting and the list goes on and on. The riots on the streets around the world are directly related to one another. It is the voice of the people sick and tired of corporate/bank owned politicians who’ve betrayed their people. But sadly it will all be for not since corporate oligarchists own many of our politicians and they control the militaries, police forces and the judiciary. The one world order thing was also a part of prophecy. And if you did read your sacred book then you would also know this era of global tyranny will be short lived anyway. After all, we are living in a time of great change and man is powerless to alter the course of destiny. The only change man can alter is pocket change, capice?



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