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Buffalohair, Putting a Face on the People the Media Ignores, The Kachin

Putting a Face on the People the Media Ignores, ‘The Kachin’

Not much is being said about the war in Kachinland. Crimes against humanity, bold acts of genocide being committed and the mainstream media is silent. Men, women and children are being tortured and slaughtered by the Burmese government and all we can think of is lifting sanctions and gaining access to Kachinland’s burgeoning natural resources. Small wonder mankind is screwed.

Over 75 thousand Kachin refugees are packing centers along the border to well over capacity in yet another humanitarian crisis. Disease and hunger already plague the survivors of Burma’s genocide. Just remember it was the junta that broke a 17 year old ceasefire in the first place about a year ago in Kachinland. Conveniently called an internal issue, the west chooses to ignore this criminal intrusion into sovereign Kachin territory. It is a crime of epic proportions to allow for Burma to murder their way into another sovereign nation yet the UN (Useless Nimrods) does nothing, as usual.

The only thing that stands in the way of total devastation is the soldiers of the Kachin Independence Organization and the Kachin Independence Army. With limited resources they are fighting a valiant war to defend the lives of their people from Burmese marauders who wish to take over their resource rich nation. With the help of the western media this struggle for survival has gone on with very little notice for over a year. Only now word is getting out around the world and people are beginning to asking why this is happening.

The Kachin are an ancient culture who has occupied this territory for well over 7,000 years, according to Chinese archeologists who’ve dated artifacts found in Kachin occupied regions both in China and Burma. The Kachin have a history that intermingles with other tribes of Asia and these alliances run deep and all the way in the China’s CCP. This could explain the turmoil within China’s government when addressing the Kachin issue since there are literally millions of people who sympathize with the Kachin throughout China and Asia.

In America’s hast to gain a foothold in Asian politics and resources they set themselves back centuries by ignoring the Kachin. According to many Asian observers America showed the worst face possible to the Asian world by turning their back on an old ally. It was said the west was a superficial culture and the betrayal of the Kachin only solidified their view of this immature culture. Whether Asians were pro or anti west the betrayal of the Kachin will be remembered within the history of many Asian cultures associated with the Kachin. Ignorance or ambivalence to Asia’s complex alliances and associations will be the west’s ultimate undoing.

The Kachin are human beings just like you and I. They have embraced western religion and live with honor & respect and I find that very appealing. In fact it is their indomitable faith that has kept them together through this holocaust, absolute faith. Their adherence to Christian morality while retaining their ancient customs is a rich blend and a complement to their culture. I always find myself overwhelmed by their generosity and warmth at gatherings and their homes. They are an intelligent, articulate people and truly an asset to the communities they reside in. I do love their food and if you were ever fortunate enough to dine with the Kachin you will know what I am talking about. So I ask; why is it OK to let these people be slaughtered in cold blood?

My personal bond with the Kachin is as ancient as the story about the eldest of 7 brothers within Kachin oral history. Within this tale of Shan Htoi Gam is a link the Kachin hold close to their hearts and that is their sacred bond with the natives of the Americas. Within the context of their oral history they lay claim to blood lineage to my people. It is ironic they are suffering much like my people did about 100 years ago. And it’s the same old thing, they live on resource rich land and someone else wants to steal it from them. Only this time corporate interests are allowing the corrupt junta of Burma to do their dirty work much like General George Armstrong Custer did in America. It’s OK to let Kachin be murdered for its ‘Manifest Destiny’ that Kachinland be striped of her natural wealth so industry can prosper. The extermination of the Kachin people is just collateral damage.

Kachinland is not a part of Burma for the Kachin people fought long and hard along side allied forces to preserve their autonomy. General Aung San of Burma worked with ethnic groups to form the Panglong Agreement of 1947 giving both Kachinland and other ethnic nation’s autonomy before he was assassinated. It makes me wonder who actually signed Aung San’s death sentence. To listen to the western media you would think the Kachin Freedom Fighters were simply ‘rebels’ or some minor dissident faction when nothing could be further from the truth. They are soldiers fighting for their nation and the world is being deceived. Why doesn’t anyone question the media about their veritable news blackout of Kachinland news? I stand with the Kachin and it’s about time the rest of the world did the same.

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